Specifically for children

We know how difficult it can be to entertain children. But that’s not a concern when you stay with us. Your children will be taken care of and you can just relax. You’re on holiday and you also need time off.

  • You can sit on the terrace and your children will be playing in the playground in the meantime
  • The pool and indoor playroom are perfect for rainy weather
  • They can relax in the reading room with its huge comfy pillows
  • Every Wednesday and Saturday in the early evening during the summer holidays, they can come to creative workshops
  • Every Tuesday and Friday in the morning during the summer holidays they exercise and dance with our hedgehog mascot

Sports and adrenaline⁠-⁠filled activities

You’ve always dreamed of new experiences with a touch of adventure and adrenaline. There’s no reason to keep putting off those dreams. Špindlerův Mlýn offers an extraordinary range of sports and adrenaline⁠-⁠filled activities. Try one or all of them. Make memories and to have some great stories to tell once you get back home.

  • Water park, bobsleigh track and obstacle course
  • Rope park with giant swing
  • Crossing and abseiling down the dam
  • Trips on off⁠-⁠road quads and scooters
  • Archery
  • Tandem paragliding and short courses
  • Rock climbing
  • Horseback riding


It’s time to get going. Pack your rucksack, put on your boots and ready your hiking poles. Take a short walk around the area or go on a day⁠-⁠long hike to Sněžka, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. The journey may seem long sometimes, you may struggle to catch your breath, but the views are worth it. Truly.

Trail to the Elbe spring

This hiking trail for the whole family goes to the Elbe spring. One way is to take the Medvědín chairlift and then a pleasant 6 km trail. The other is to hike up the hill first and this trail totals 8.9 km directly from the hotel. Your destination is at an elevation of 1387 m and is where you will find benches, the coats of arms of the cities through which the river flows, a statue of the Allegory of Water and, most importantly, a stone well with the Elbe inlet and outflow.

Harrachova cesta trail

This trail follows in the footsteps of the noble Harrach family, who played a major role in the development of the local region. This time, you’ll find Labská bouda (Elbe chalet) at the end of the trail, the perfect place to recharge before you head back to the hotel. You’ll hear the Elbe flowing beside you along the entire route. The beauty of the Elbe Gorge and Pančava Waterfall, falling to a depth of 250 m, will impress you so much that you will forgive us the steep climbs.


This is a whole⁠-⁠day trip. The reward is a view that you won't easily forget. This trail goes from the hotel to the top of Sněžka at an elevation of 1603 m. Enjoy a full breakfast in the morning and pack a snack. It’s high time to get started. In the evening, we recommend unwinding in the whirlpool and visiting the sauna world here at the hotel.


Push those pedals. The Krkonoše Mountains are not just about walking. They are interwoven by kilometres and kilometres of cycling routes. In one day you can see and visit more than in a week of walking.

Mountain bikes

In total you have over 100 km of marked cycling routes ahead of you. Not enough? Don't forget that you're in the mountains, and the changes in elevation will more than make up for any shortness of distance. The easiest way to avoid the ascent is to take the chairlifts at Svatý Petr and Medvědín. The way down is up to you.

Electric bicycles

Whether you own one or just want to try one, the Krkonoše Mountains are the ideal place. No steep climb is going to get in your way. The battery will last for a wonderful 15 to 20 km. Electric bicycles can be rented from our partners.


Even the Scooter Princess would be envious of such a ride. Proper wheels, a solid design and excellent maneuverability guarantee you a wonderful off⁠-⁠road ride. Just don’t forget the most important part of every ride ⁠-⁠⁠-⁠ your helmet. Scooters can be rented from our partners.



Prepare your rods and cast a line. It is time to go fishing, only 300 m from the hotel. The Elbe dam and reservoir with its 20 hectares is the largest body of water stocked with trout in the Czech Republic. The crown of the dam is at an elevation of 694.16 MASL. The reservoir itself is amply stocked with all salmonid species of fish living in the Czech Republic, including brown trout and rainbow trout, American brook trout and grayling. There is an abundance of perch as well, which spin casters should appreciate.